Assemble 16th - 28th July

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16th – 28th July, 2013

Opening Night:
Thursday 18th of July, 6.00 – 8.00pm

In this group show, four artists explore the traditional artistic elements of form and colour in combination with non-traditional materials and processes. Colour is freed from its mimetic role and becomes a visual language whilst elemental forms combine, overlap, jostle and recede. Each artist in their own way searching for new relationships and harmonies.

Julia Kennedy-Bell’s current work involves relating forms in two and three dimensions and their treatment in both abstract and representational space. This work takes its form from previous paintings that explored the integration of object and space across other mediums such as painting, drawing and sculpture.

Theresa Darmody has chosen the square form for this body of work.  She divides the square into simple geometric forms which take on an organic aspect through multi-layering of paint and lush brushmarks.  The resulting saturated forms jostle with each other on the two-dimensional surface. This work furthers the artist’s interest in pattern and its disruption.

Ariella Friend creates sculptural installations made from layers of reclaimed wood combined with painted colour block combinations. Her ability to deconstruct objects and then reassemble them is influenced by both the natural and domestic worlds. Through a visual language of form, colour and texture she creates bold, multi layered compositions that are contemplative and dynamic.

Marnie Ross responds to organic forms and the ever-changing compositions created by light, movement and time. Extensive use of layering in her work emulates the natural world.  Combining painting and printmaking processes, she reveals the complexity of seemingly simple structures by responding to the subtle but constant flux of shadows, texture, light and movement.