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Five local artists invite you to enjoy their pop-up lounge and experience works inspired by the natural elements.  All five artist share an infinity with the natural environment and have responded creativity, exploring a diverse range of mediums and techniques. This unique gallery experience endeavours to provide a homely and inviting space to view the work.

Thanks to Matt Blatt Furniture for providing the pop up lounge room within the gallery space.


Natalie Penn has been creating art for 20 years and considers the process to be a natural and essential part of her life. Using a variety of mediums she is inspired by the natural world and its mystery. Natalie challenges herself to use non traditional techniques and think outside the square. Her work is a celebration of the details that make up the complex and beautiful forms of nature. 


Keren Rockman a Sydney based artist and Landscape Architect has exhibited her work in Sydney and Melbourne. Painting is an extension of her design practice and provides her with an outlet to express herself creatively beyond the drafting table. As a kid, she recalls squinting her eyes when viewing a landscape and focusing on the forms and colour, blurring out the detail.  As an artist today she explores her world through abstract form to create compositions, inspired by the incredible natural formations of the landscape. Keren’s multi-layered paintings reflect natural processes and seek to engage the viewer to delve beyond the constraints imposed by realistic images.


Marnie Ross is a contemporary painter and printmaker based in Sydney.  After completing a Masters of Art at COFA in 2010, she has continued to exhibit in both group and solo shows. Marnie’s abstract compositions are a response to organic forms and the ever-changing designs created by light, movement and time. Strong contrasts exist both in materiality and paint application techniques. On a base of raw linen, vividly coloured translucent shapes float over expressive marks of glossy white enamel paint.   


Alex Smith a local architect has been practising in Bondi and the local area for 26 years. Photography has been his passion since he was a young boy. Alex is inspired by textures, patterns and movement observed in natural and built environments. The magnificence of nature, locally; the sea, sky, rocks and the ever changing light at all times of day, continually engage him.  Photography is his way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for these wonders.


David Stein is a professional paintings conservator with 30 years of experience and continues to restore works from the 15th century to contemporary. His profession together with his experience have given him an understanding of the complexity of paintings on a technical and material level.  David’s gestural and dynamic abstract works are directly inspired by the natural elements in particular fire, water and wood. Using combinations of water based under-layers and raised impasto oils, the surfaces are rubbed and worked with superimposed paint layers and sgraffito techniques, whilst maintaining a sensitivity to line and space.